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Another very interesting Artifact that I have planned to use..

The Venus staff appears to be specifically assigned for working with spirits, demons and angels/spirits associated with Venus ..The Venus staff can be used either to fold/command a rebel spirits (demon) of Venus, or to evoke a good spirit of Venus.It goes without saying that it will only be used for Venus works..Its element is FIRE.

From: The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon,

Translated from Hebrew into the Latin Language by Rabbi Abognazar.

Lansdowne MS. 1203

EXORCISM OF THE STAFF, for operations of Venus

On the day and hour of Venus, you must cut a stick from a branch of an elder tree. The length must be two feet. And having scraped it, you must make a small opening, in all the intervals between the knots, into which you should insert a small piece of copper, on which you will engrave or have engraved this character:

in the day and hour of Venus. And having reclosed the openings with new yellow wax, incense it while saying:

Conditor Universi, Creator Coelorum, Ens magnus Pentagrammaton, Eye, Eye, Eye,Iskiros, Veni Sanctificator Angelos tuos, Amen*.

(* O founder of the universe, creator of the heavens, powerful being Pentagrammaton, Eye, Eye, Eye, Iskiros, Come, O sanctifying almighty, eternal God, and bless and purify this staff, through your name which is holy, and through all your angels. Amen. .)

Prayer Variation found on the web..:

Conditor Universi, Creator Coelorum, Ens magnus Pentagrammaton, Eye, Eye, Eye, Iskiros, Veni Sanctificator omnipotens eterne Deus benedic et purifica, baculum istud per nonem tuum,quod est sanctum et per omnes Angelos tuo. Amen.

And having put a brass ring at each end, preserve it until needed.] 

Les Clavicules De Salomon (1641)

The Ms continue as follow:

MANNER OF CUTTING THE OTHER STAFF, to be used for all the operations.

You must cut a stick from an elder tree, of the same length as the first. It should have very uniform bark. And on a night when the Moon is on the increase, take it in your hand, after midnight, while turning towards the East. Then throwing it into the air, and catching it without it falling to the ground, say these words:

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. (Ps23.4.)

Repeat three times this same ceremony and the same words. Then keep the staff to serve when needed.]

It's very interesting to see that we are not speaking of an Hazel or Nut-tree wand.. (En Français dans le texte: Coudrier ou Noisetier Sauvage..)

(NB: This posts is subject to be updated.)


- Joseph H Peterson /
- Lansdowne MS. 1203
- Les Clavicules De Salomon (1641)

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